Down jacket with sleeves and collar in cashmere knitwear knitwear collar trimmed by Finnracoon fur
Product Description
  • SHELL FABRIC: Polyester microfiber fabric with peachskin waterrepellent finishing
  • FUR: FINNRACOON (Nyctereutes Procyonoides) Origin: FINLAND
  • PADDING: Virgin goose down 90/10 (90% cluster down - 10% feather) White quality. Animal: goose (anser anser)-class 1. Washed and sterilized in Italy according with the international RAL rules. NO LIVE PLUCK DOWN. ORIGIN: NORD EUROPE
  • ZIPPERS: Superlampo metal zipper, where metal elements are polished and plated individually before being mounted to the tape. The main advantages are smoothness and brightness: the slider runs smoothly and the chain shines in precious finishing. Also INUK pullers and polished and plated individually.
  • ACCESSORIES: INUK small chain for neckhole